The Milky Way
Get your sensitive skin whipped into shape with luxurious milk-based products: a gentle lactic acid peel, a vanilla and goat's milk enzyme and a mare's milk mask (75 min) - $150

The Everything Facial
Any combination of our facial services you can think up - the ultimate a-la-carte deluxe (90 min) - $225

The Sweet Specialty
Three phases of exfoliation, including a lactic peel, diamond microdermabrasion and a custom enzyme peel - it's like getting 3 facials for the price of 1 (75 min) - $200

Micro Magic
Diamond microdermabrasion with a few sweet upgrades (60 min) - $150

The Boss (Acne Facial)
This facial will show that sleazy acne who's boss. Salicylic acid and tomato enzymes kill bacteria while reducing inflammation, leaving you in control of your skin (75 min) - $150

Up, Up & Away
Microcurrent and LED light therapy are a match made in heaven. Get instantly lifted skin with no irritation or discomfort (60 min) - $200

The Working Girl
A mini-facial: includes a mini-peel, extractions and a mask (45 min) - $85

Faith Down (back treatment)
This treatment will make your back as soft as a baby's backside! Includes a scrub, microdermabrasion, extractions and an enzyme peel (60 min) - $125

City Lights
Get your skin glowing with LED light therapy. This NASA technology helps heal a sunburn and breakouts and even reduces hyperpigmentation. A perfect facial for all skin types and all occasions (60 min) - $135


Brow (wax/tweeze) $25/$30
Lip $15
Chin $15

Arm (half/whole) $30/$55
Underarm $20
Tummy $20
Chest or Back $20+ AQ
Leg (lower/upper/whole) $40/$45/$80

Classic Bikini $30
Teeny Bikini $35
Booty (may be added to either bikini) $15
Brazilian $60


Lash $25
Brow $20
Both $40

Meet our Skincare Experts...

Owner and Esthetician - After six years practicing esthetics as an employee in luxury spas, Julia finally set out on her own to make real the dream that brought her to San Francisco. Sweet Asylum Beauty Parlor is the dream. In June 2011, she and her father lovingly remodeled the very run-down retail space that the parlor occupies, creating an Edwardian- and art deco-inspired urban sanctuary.

Julia's skincare practice is characterized by results-driven treatments and crazy attention to detail. She earns her clients' trust by giving them realistic expectations and consistent results. Specializing in inflammatory conditions—acne, rosacea, and eczema—and healthy anti-aging practices, Julia uses cutting-edge mechanical and biochemical technologies to treat all skin types and most skin conditions. Having suffered from acne and eczema for many years, she will take your skin concerns as personally as her own. Carrying only moderately priced product lines with high ingredient integrity, Julia believes in setting her clients up for long-term success by keeping home-care affordable, simple, and effective. She hopes you feel at home while you visit the parlor and looks forward to earning your business.

Esthetician - A second-generation esthetician, Mary recalls the importance of her mother's role in the health and appearance of her own skin; good food inside, protection from environmental elements outside, and a simple yet consistent skincare regimen. While the technology and her skill in practicing have advanced dramatically since then, Mary has carried the same basic philosophy with her for over a decade as a skincare professional. To this philosophy she brings passion for her work, a nurturing touch, and a keen, almost obsessive knowledge of ingredients and attention to detail. With Sweet Asylum's cutting-edge modalities, Mary can create a personally tailored skincare experience that stands alone or complements and supports more ablative procedures.

Her attention to detail doesn't end with facials. Are you anxiously considering a Brazilian waxing for the first time or trying to forget the last time? Mary's your girl. Waxing, especially Brazilians and brows, are Mary's first loves. “No hair left behind!” is her motto. She's been “The Brazilian Whisperer” since even before she was licensed (shhh…).